Thick Thigh Tribe plus size thigh high socks are designed to fit and flatter women with larger thighs, providing both comfort and style. When it comes to the feel of our socks, there are a few key features that can contribute to a great experience:

      1. Softness: Our socks made from materials that are soft and smooth to the touch. These materials will feel gentle against the skin and provide a cozy, comfortable fit.

      2. Stretch: Our plus size thigh high socks have a good amount of stretch to accommodate larger legs without feeling too tight or restrictive. With added spandex we ensure a snug but comfortable fit.

      3. Breathability: Our socks are made from breathable cotton that will help prevent sweat and odors, keeping your feet and legs feeling fresh all day long.

      4. Durability: Our socks can withstand regular wear and washing without losing their shape or softness. 

      Overall, a great pair of plus size thigh high socks will provide a soft, stretchy, and breathable feel, while also being durable enough to last through many wears and washes.


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